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Shenzhen Suohui Electronics Co., Ltd a leading independent distributor of electronic components in the world, has been committed to providing global procurement and supply chain services for electronic components for global electronic manufacturing customers for many years. It has gathered more than 1000 electronic component supplier resources from around the world to meet various emergency shortage and lower cost procurement needs of different customers. Adhere to the core values of "focus, professionalism, tenacity and humility", adhere to the work mission of solving the shortage of components for customers at the lowest cost, and create value for customers in the global electronic manufacturing industry.

More Efficient, More Transparent, Reconstructing the Industrial Ecology

The 6 core values complement our mission.


Customers, employees and shareholders grow together


We keep our promises and honour our commitments.


Start from small things, achieve extraordinary


Lock in the target and never give up


Become an incubator of innovative ideas


Create excellence through continuous improvement

Solutions & Services


Product Services

Global Sourcing Services


Spot Purchasing

Global search for all kinds of electronic materials for customers in short supply, more small batches of materials, BOM table flexible order allocation services.


Scheduling Order

With years of accumulated supplier channel advantages, we provide customers with affordable and smooth delivery ordering services.


Brand promotion

Recommend alternative brands and models for customers Comprehensively assist the development and growth of national brands


Inventory Recycling

High-price, efficient acquisition of the customer's sluggish materials, so that the inventory quickly realised, accelerate capital turnover

Core Strengths

Complete range of products
Widely connected to tens of thousands of electronic components supply channels around the world
Over ten million component categories

Quality Assurance
Clear supplier image, so that each component is from a reliable source.
Professional quality control system, products in and out of the comprehensive inspection, effective protection of product quality
National Electronics Laboratory, White Horse Laboratory and other institutions to protect the escort

Best price
Self-built EBS system, through the supplier price system.
Search global resources, select the best price

Delivery guarantee
Provide a number of well-known courier companies courier monthly settlement service
24 hours a day, high-speed delivery
Huaqiang cloud warehouse, high-speed delivery

Real-time quotation
With 26 well-known global supply platforms
API docking, the price will appear every second
150+ professional buyers searching

Continuous service
600+ team size
Close integration of software and hardware to ensure safe and efficient transactions

Our History


Advantageous Brands


Our Vision

Focus on original and genuine products Five-star service standards

Address : 615 West Block, Fiyta Building, Zhenhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China.

Name: Mr Liao

Tel: 13544088815

QQ: 2881722430